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Child Care Services

Welcome to Trinity Lutheran Child Care and After School Program. This program provides loving, Christian care for children 2 to 12 years of age. Hours are from 7:00am until 6:00pm, Monday through Friday. Trinity Lutheran Child Care is a fully-licensed child care program and is offered year round.

The program is governed by Trinity Lutheran Church and is administered by the Board of Christian Education through Katrina Baker, Child Care Director.

Mission Statement / Philosophy
Trinity Lutheran Child Care Center was established to provide daily care for children in an atmosphere of God's love and to minister to their families in this same spirit of God's love.

• Working in this atmosphere of God's love, all the children will be treated with equal love and understanding.

• A positive self-image will be encouraged and reinforced by self-expression in art and language activities.

• The children will be taught in a developmental approach - the process being more important than the end product.

Fees for Children Attending Trinity Lutheran Christian School During the School Year

Each Child
Pre-Kindergarten Full-time $75.00 / week
Part-time $70.00 / week
Kindergarten Full-time $65.00 / week
Part-time $60.00 / week
Grades 1 - 5 Full-time $60.00 / week
Part-time $45.00 / week

Fees will be adjusted during days when there is no school and your child attends child care during those dates. Fees will remain the same if you child does not attend child care during no school days.

No care available for middle school grades

Fees for Summer Months, Holiday Weeks, and Non-School Age Children

First Child Second Child
3-Year & Older Room Full-time ONLY $110.00 / week $110.00 / week
2-Year-Old Room Full-time ONLY $120.00 / week $120.00 / week
Newborn & Infant Room Full-time ONLY $150.00 / week N/A

General Conditions

• Fees are charges for the spot your child holds in the enrollment. Fees are not prorated for holiday closings. Fees are not prorated for bad weather closings. Fees are not prorated for vacation days, sick days or any other missed days.

• Payments for the week are due by Wednesday of that week. A late fee of $10.00 will be added on Thursday.

• Full-time is 4 days or more per week.

• Part-time is 3 days or less per week.

• An Annual Materials Fee of $25.00 per family is due upon registration of child. The Material Fee will be charged to all enrolled families the first week of September.

• Security Keys must be purchased prior to enrollment.

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