Welcome To Our School Website

At Trinity Lutheran Christian School, we believe there is no higher calling than the education of our children. Trinity has for over 60 years touched and shaped young lives with Christian values and the love of God, and continues to provide the strong foundation to meet their future needs.
What could be more important?

We recognize the value, importance, and opportunity represented by the children with whom God has blessed us. We accept seriously the challenge and responsibility you give us when you place your child with us.

Achieving Academic Excellence

Trinity Lutheran Christian School offers a full, well-rounded curriculum for children in Pre-Kindergarten (3’s) through Grade 6. We are a state and nationally accredited school served by caring and certified teachers. The curriculum is enhanced with technology in each classroom, as well as, a computer learning center, a well-equipped library, a strong music program, including instrumental band. At Trinity, we believe religious instruction is critical in providing a truly well-rounded education. That’s why we make it a part of each day. By touching and shaping young lives with Christian values and the love of God, we are touching and shaping the future of our church, community country – even the world.

Reaching, Teaching, and Encouraging…

Our mission at Trinity Lutheran Christian School is to “reach, teach, encourage God’s children and their families in the saving love of Jesus Christ.” We teach our children to walk daily with the Lord. Each day…
• Christian teaching is presented to your child.
• our teachers pray for and with their students.
• we show our students a good and gracious God, a Savior Jesus who loves them very much, and a future life with God in heaven.

Our hope is that each child leaves our school academically prepared for their future, but more importantly, that they take with them a strong and saving personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We believe that this is the most important gift we can give our children – because it lasts forever.